SCA Event Schedule

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1/27-1/29 - Market Day at Birka, Stonemarche
2/4 - K&Q Rapier, Quintavia
2/18 - Carnival in Venice, Carolingia
3/3 - Black Rose Ball, Bridge
3/10 - Hafla, Quintavia
3/17 - Hrim Schola, Quintavia
5/12 - Baronial Investiture, Carolingia
8/3-8/11 - Pennsic 41


3/24 - Mudthaw, Settmour Swamp
4/14 - Balfar's Challenge, Dragonship Haven
6/15-6/17 - Palio di Stonemarche, Stonemarche
6/22-6/24 - Known World Heralds & Scribes Symposium, Bridge
6/29-7/1 - Northern Region War Camp, Glenn Linn

RIP Mistress Caitlin Davies

Mistress Caitlin Davies (MKA Jane Waks), OP, Baroness of the Court, 8th Tyger of the East, Mistress Memory of the Eastrealm, passed away at home, at about 6am this morning, after a long fight with cancer. She is survived by her husband Justin, her cat Jedi, her Barony Carolingia, her students Constance and Rowen, and the households of Windsmeet, Silverwing and Lochleven.

Funeral arrangements will be announced soon; please see for details.

Welcome 2011

As far as this journal goes, my resolution for this year is to actually use it!

As many of you know, I am currently Seneschal of Carolingia (East Kingdom). I am using this journal partly to correspond with SCA friends and acquaintances who I may know in persona, but may not yet know very well in the day to day world. I also have various thoughts on SCA politics and philosophy from time to time that the readers of my personal journal don't necessarily care about.

I will also be using this space as a "brag book" to document ongoing projects that I work on. Right now I am planning two gowns to hopefully be done by the end of the month, I have a long overdue essay to write about my first Anonymous Apple Pie, and after that I will be taking a break for a bit... maybe.


Welcome to the journal of Lady Caitriona of Greenwood Isle, currently Seneschal of the Barony of Carolingia.

The purpose of this journal is to discuss matters of interest to the Barony and/or the Kingdom, and to have conversations on SCA-related topics with people across the realm, including those I might not know well enough to invite to my personal journal.

I have invested in a paid account so that I may use LiveJournal's polling function to conduct informal, unscientific polls and surveys on various SCA matters. For those in my Barony, if you do not have a paid account and wish me to poll on your behalf, I will do so provided it is SCA-related and reasonably tactful and appropriate.

I will also be using this journal as a project diary and "brag book".


Caitriona of Greenwood Isle

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